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Best Linux Benchmark Scripts and Tools for 2020

Best Linux Benchmark Scripts and Tools for 2020

Many Linux Admins searching for the best Best Linux Benchmark Scripts and Tools for 2020, They used it to check the server or vps performance when they bought it from the hosting companies.
The Linux benchmark scripts have to confirm the performance test for Memory, CPU, Hard disks and network for the server.In this Article i will explain the most and best scripts and tools for testing the performance for your server.

Linux Benchmark Scripts

Linux Benchmark Scripts

  1.  Bench.sh
  2.  Nench
  3. VPSbench
  4. Linux BenchBench-sh-2
  5. unixbench.sh
  6. Unixbench
  7. Fio
  8. Sysbench
  9. Bonnie
  10. Phoronix Test Suite
  11. Geekbench
  12. vdbench
  13. IOzone
  14. Iometer
  15. Interbench
  16. HDparm

On most of the above Linux benchmark scripts you will see the details of the test for CPU, Memory, Storage and Network which is the main things that need most system admins try to test it.

For CPU you will see CPU Model,Number of cores, CPU frequency and CPU performance bench.
For Memory you will see total amount of memory, total amount of swap and memory specific benchmarks.
For Hard disks you will see type of disk space HDD or SSD, partition and names, total size of disk space that available and input/output speeds.
For Network you will see the Internet connection speed the download rates to many data center in the world.

Most of the common problem is varying between website nor application development way or input / output storage speed or internet speed limited....

Best Linux Benchmark Scripts for 2020

bench.sh script:-

You are able to use this tool to view system information and test the network, disk of your Linux server by using the command as follows

wget -qO- bench.sh | bash


curl -Lso- bench.sh | bash

The result will be as below:-

nench script:-

A script loosely based on the established freevps.us/bench.sh.
You can use it as below:-

[root@CentOS-76-64-minimal ~]# (curl -s wget.racing/nench.sh | bash; curl -s wget.racing/nench.sh | bash) 2>&1 | tee nench.log
 nench.sh v2020.07.20 -- https://git.io/nench.sh
 benchmark timestamp:    2020-10-02 09:15:01 UTC

Processor:    Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 v5 @ 3.60GHz
CPU cores:    8
Frequency:    900.000 MHz
RAM:          62G
Swap:         63G
Kernel:       Linux 3.10.0-957.27.2.el7.x86_64 x86_64

nvme0n1    477G  SSD
nvme1n1    477G  SSD

CPU: SHA256-hashing 500 MB
    1.153 seconds
CPU: bzip2-compressing 500 MB
    CPU: AES-encrypting 500 MB
    0.765 seconds

ioping: seek rate
    min/avg/max/mdev = 40.7 us / 86.5 us / 186.4 us / 8.61 us
ioping: sequential read speed
    generated 18.7 k requests in 5.00 s, 4.57 GiB, 3.75 k iops, 936.8 MiB/s

dd: sequential write speed
    1st run:    853.54 MiB/s
    2nd run:    953.67 MiB/s
    3rd run:    953.67 MiB/s
    average:    920.30 MiB/s

IPv4 speedtests
    your IPv4:    xxxx.xxxx.xxxx.xxxx

    Cachefly CDN:         90.86 MiB/s
    Leaseweb (NL):        82.04 MiB/s
    Softlayer DAL (US):   9.96 MiB/s
    Online.net (FR):      75.27 MiB/s
    OVH BHS (CA):         15.57 MiB/s

IPv6 speedtests
    your IPv6:    2a01:4f8:10b:xxxx

    Leaseweb (NL):        40.67 MiB/s
    Softlayer DAL (US):   10.67 MiB/s
    Online.net (FR):      72.08 MiB/s
    OVH BHS (CA):         16.11 MiB/s

vpsbench script:-

A script to run simple and comprehensive benchmarks on CPU and IO performance.
You can use it as below:-

[root@CentOS-76-64-minimal ~]# bash <(wget --no-check-certificate -O - https://raw.github.com/mgutz/vpsbench/master/vpsbench)
Benching I/O ... OK
Benching CPU. Bzipping 25MB file ... OK
Benching inbound network. Downloading 100MB file ... OK
Share at https://github.com/mgutz/vpsbench/wiki/VPS-Hosts

CPU model:  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E3-1275 v5 @ 3.60GHz
Number of cores: 8
CPU frequency:  2008.081 MHz
Total amount of RAM: 64040 MB
Total amount of swap:  MB
System uptime:   20:40,
I/O speed:  1.1 GB/s
Bzip 25MB: /dev/fd/63: line 29: /usr/bin/time: No such file or directory
Download 100MB file: 92.8MB/s

All other Linux Benchmark Scripts and Tools for 2020 will be more documentation on below link:-

Finally we hope now all systema dminstratos can test their server or VPS with above Linux benchmark scripts that will show you the performance.
If you need ny help please leave a comment and i'm so glade to help you in any issue tat you have.

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