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glpi ad integration and GLPI LDAP/AD Authentication

Glpi ad integration and GLPI with Windows Server AD Integration,GLPI With Active Directory Integration

glpi ad integration

Glpi ad integration , you can use of an existing LDAP directory to authenticate users to GLPI. Once you configure LDAP authentication, LDAP users will be added to the GLPI database as they log on. Some of the LDAP attributes (Name, email address, location) will be copied to the GLPI user database - with this approach GLPI is able to use more than one authentication scheme (e.g. simply use LDAP and GLPI-integrated logins together).

Parameters are slightly different depending on the LDAP implementation you are using. Microsoft Active Directory in particular uses attribute names which differ from standard LDAP attributes.

GLPI AD Integration Requirements:-

glpi ad integration requirements that If you want to install this software GLPI in windows Server environment you need the following:-

1-GLPI Software.
2-WampServer or XAMPP for Windows Server.

There are many articles in the glpi website how to do this.
Now please read the English doc, everything is written in it,  at the following link and after that don't hesitate to read the below very important information for the integration with Windows Server AD:-GLPI, LDAP and Active Directory  

GLPI AD Integration Steps:-

Hints and Tips for testing and importing Windows Server Active Directory Users:

Please follow what is written below to show you how to integrate AD inside GLPI:-

  • "BaseDN" field is the domain (AD) distinguished name (ex: if your AD domain is zaki.rimawi.com, then it MUST BE: "DC=zaki,DC=rimawi,DC=com") without double quotation.
  •  "rootDN" field is the windows user login who has read access to AD (for example: "myDomain\myUser" ); it must be a valid windows user login.
    Example: if myDomain=Rimawi ,myUser=Zaki then you must write in the "rootDN" field : " Rimawi\Zaki" without double quotation,"Pass" field is the windows password for this user.
  •  "Login field" is the AD field to retrieve the users login: it MUST BE "samaccountname" (this is the AD field that stores the logins in AD) without double quotation. 
  • Then go to Administration ==> Users ==>LDAP directory ==>Import new users ==> Search.
  • Then you must found all Windows AD Users then choose them and import them in GLPI.

We hope you have understood what I Explained.
If you need any help with integration GLPI with Windows Server AD don't hesitate to contact us.

GLPI with Windows Server AD Integration,GLPI With Active Directory Integration
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