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The 5 Best Free VPN download for windows 10 ,8 ,7 (updated September 2023) (REALLY FREE)

The Best Free VPNs 2023

The Best Free VPNs at 2019

Need a Free VPN?

Regarding the security issues and protecting your traffic online you have to use best VPN services. Most of the VPN services are paid, still there are many options that you can enjoy freely and protect your traffic.

What Is a VPN?

VPN is your way to connect to the internet safely through hiding your identity while surfing the web. Through the VPN connection your online activity is untraceable even for your internet service provider.

Surfing the internet without VPN is like walking out of your home down the street and going to the supermarket and getting your everyday needs, thus anybody can follow you and know what you did when you did. Using a VPN is like using a backdoor, it keeps your house safe from break-Ins.

Anyway, nothing is completely secure. As soon as you exit the VPN your activity could be monitored and interrupted. It is difficult but not impossible to use entangled timing algorithms to predict when you quit the VPN surfing. TOR -anonymous surfing software- comes up with higher levels of incognito.

Paid VPN vs. Free VPN

Although the VPN service providers don’t offer real free options for their services, we found many good offers from other providers. There is wide range of the free subscriptions from the VPNs, but the checked VPNs in the previous table have their totally free offers for certain levels.

We can say that every checked VPN in the previous table restricts its free usage to some level. This restriction may be applied on amount of bandwidth you can use in a given period, or how many devices can use it. Other VPNs offers its service to some certain servers that you have to use only.

Performanceis a critical regard in choosing a VPN service, particularly when you're trying to get a free service. None of the VPNs control your speeds, but restricting the servers you'll interface with may affect the connection performance.

You are not free to choose a server with fewer users, which would give more bandwidth. Nor can you opt for using a nearby server, which impacts the performance too. Subscribing to Editors' Choice NordVPN grants access to all the features, and somehow unlocks features that are inaccessible at the free level. You access all the servers in all locations, with more simultaneous connections. So far, concludes that through reviewing the VPNs, using a paid VPN service doesn't restrict client bandwidth—this is the best advantage to pay for a VPN.

Need a Free VPN to Watch Netflix

Generally, VPNs are used to avoid censorship by sneaking through using VPN servers behind the control of despots, this way, VPNs can be utilized to get obtain accessibility to the restricted streaming in your country.

Netflix international users watch shows and movies that are not available inside the USA. It is in accordance with the distribution rights that Netflix agrees to. VPNs could be used to trick many service providers not only Netflix.

There are various examples of service providers who have location based specific streaming arrangements. Providers of this content –especially Netflix, BBC and MLB- do their best to prevent subscribers from using the VPNs to execute these locations based deals. This is the trick that free VPN subscribers fall into. The majority of the free VPNs set limitations on the servers you can use, so if you have options to trick the location based streaming they are limited.

The free users will face difficulties trying to get access to servers which can bypass the location based streaming or the ones with better speeds. Users can get out of this situation by buying a static IP address plus the cost of the VPN subscription. To summarize this point, it is hard to watch streaming services with a VPN and harder if it is free.

Technologies and Safety

Confirming the security of a specific VPN is exceptionally complicated. We can trace the traffic to assure it is encrypted, but how can we be sure that the encryption algorithm is weak (concerning the set up or the working technique). Furthermore, you can't be sure that the VPN is committed to your security and keeping your data are safe.

Not all the free VPN suppliers are safe to deal with as they may have improper and may be unsafe activities. We suppose that the companies deal honestly, and we rely on the third-party analysts to chase and reveal the suspected companies.

Generally, we Would rather choose suppliers that employ OpenVPN or IKEv2, these sources are comparably innovative technology. The advantage of OpenVPN is being open-source, and it is chosen for revealing any conceivable vulnerabilities. IPSec is additionally worthy, and really better than the previous PPTP.

You have to worry if you don’t know the protocol used by the VPN or if the VPN uses the PPTP protocol. We care more about the service's terms, conditions, and privacy policy. It's How do we discover what, if any, data the service provider collects. It is supposed that a VPN company should declare they don't collect any logs on subscriber activity.

Notice the location of the company, as well, as there may be some data retention laws. Choose the VPN provider with the good reviews. Bear and AnchorFree Hotspot Shield, two workings companies that decide to reveal the results of auditing from the undergone extensive third-party evaluations to assure the safety of their systems.

What is the Best Free VPN?

Each free VPN has a few kinds of capture, but ProtonVPN offers the least. A free account with ProtonVPN will restrain you to fair three VPN server areas, and one simultaneous connection.

The ProtonVPN applies a slow speed to the free subscribers but you will not be throttled. You will be sharing other free subscribers for less servers, servers which may lead to a slow performance.

ProtonVPN free subscription doesn’t permit P2P. Those are many limitations to the free subscription, but still you don’t have a limited bandwidth. You'll be able browse freely as you need with ProtonVPN, without having to bear any cost.

Moving to pay account costs $4 a month, and unlocks many features and restrictions. An $8 Also account is still awesome choice, it provides all the advantages ProtonVPN offers. Services reviewed on this list have their advantages and their disadvantages; still ProtonVPN is the leading free service has however reviewed.

It features a lower score than a few other items since at the paid version, there are services that essentially offer much more. To conclude we have to say: ProtonVPN is a great service, whether it is a free or paid one.

How to Choose the Right Free VPN Services

There were many options indeed among free VPN services, so why don’t you try some and figure out which one you like best? Best of the VPN service features is simplicity, and shouldn’t implement many barriers while using even its free version. It is highly recommended that you try the on board services until you reach the suitable one for you.

Best Free VPN Services on 2023 updated September 2023

We choose below the best vpn services on 2021 that will help you in your security and open most websites that may be blocked inside your country.
  1. TunnelBear VPN.

    Best Free VPNs for 2019

    Reasonable price. Great protection strategies. Yearly autonomous reviews. Browser extensions, including remain solitary advertisement blocker. Great speed test outcomes. 


    Lack of geographic assorted variety in server areas.
  2.  ProtonVPN.

    The Best Free VPNs at 2019

    Features: Excellent free VPN. Flexible, low price plans. Focus on physical security. Excellent privacy policies, Multi-hop VPN to secure locations and Tor connections. P2P friendly.
    little number of servers and locations. complicated to find fastest servers. Full access to servers and features only at elevated payment level.
  3.  Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN.

    The Best Free VPNs at 2019

    Easy-to-use software. Free version available. big server network. P2P and Bittorrent allowed. Malware detection.
    Disadvantage: Costly. low few server locations. No specialized servers. Plug-in conflict with Chromebooks.
    Lacks mobile support,Doesn't work with Netflix.

  4.  Avira Phantom VPN.

    The Best Free VPNs at 2019

    Features: Not limited devices, also in the free version. reasonably  and flexible pricing. outstanding consumer privacy policy. Botnet protection. Allows P2P and BitTorrent.
    Disadvantage:Small number of servers and server locations. lack of desktop client.
  5.  Hideme VPN.

    The Best Free VPNs at 2019

    Features: Simple design. extremely good privacy policy. Cool speed test scores. BitTorrent friendly. Supports anonymous payments. Advanced features.
    Disadvantage:Low number of servers. No specialized servers. low design. Some protocols restricted to higher tiers.

    The Best Free VPN for 2023

    Finally we introduced in this article the top and best free vpn for 2023 that is easy to install and secure and will serve what do you need from it for sure, if you have good experience with one software that you test it you can leave a reply and we will test it and sure add it to this list.
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