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Wordpress homepage title showing up twice

Many Wordpress users have problem with their homepage title, the major problem is that Wordpress homepage title showing up twice.
Wordpress homepage title duplicate

As the title of the Wordpress site is displaying the title twice – double one after the other – means IT blog- IT blog as this example..... in google search listings this is will effect your SEO surely. 

WordPress homepage title showing up twice

Most of those users that have this issue is installed SEO plugins as Yoast.
The Yoast SEO make this problem in the main homepage and make the duplication.

Fix homepage title showing up twice

  1. Open Wordpress Homepage.
  2. Search about Yoast SEO Settings part inside the homepage.
  3. Expand Snippet Preview.
  4. Click On Edit Snippet.
  5. Now you will see that it contain Site title, Separator, title.
  6. You will need to make it as below picture remove Title or the Site Title From SEO title Field:-

Wordpress homepage title showing up twice

 Only put Site title and save the new configuration.

Finally refresh you wordpress homepage and you will see that the WordPress title is not dublicated anymore.

If you have any related problem with this issue or in the WordPress title please leave a comment below and i will help you.



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