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TeamViewer 7 for Mac OS X

TeamViewer 7 for Mac OS X

The final Mac version completes the TeamViewer 7 package: Including cross-platform online meetings and presentations with up to 25 participants, VoIP, and video!

Download now!
TeamViewer 7 for Windows, Linux, iOS and Android have gained a tremendous following among our users in recent weeks. As promised, the Mac version is next!
The new version teamviewer 7 for Mac OS X is now available for download on our homepage.
This final version completes the TeamViewer 7 package and allows unlimited cross-platform connections between Windows, Linux, and Mac. Starting immediately, you can now organize online meetings and presentations from your Mac with up to 25 participants; including Voice over IP and video.
Start today with the new version 7 for Mac OS X!
We wish you lots of fun and success!

Source from teamviewer.com


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