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Turn System Restore on or off Windows 7 in pictures

Turn System Restore on or off Windows 7

System Restore is a utility included in modern Windows operating systems starting from Windows Millennium edition. Installation of a software, driver or a Malware infection can make unexpected changes to the system files and cause Windows to behave in an unpredictable manner. System Restore regularly saves “restore points” on your computer, so that the system files can be restored to an earlier point in time. System Restore is not available for a disk that’s formatted using the FAT or FAT32 file systems.
System Restore saves information about Windows system files, programs, registry settings and other system information that Windows uses. They do not contain personal files, such as email, documents or photos.

Location of System Restore files

The System Restore files are generally stored in a hidden and protected folder named _RESTORE folder in Windows Millennium and System Volume Information in later operating systems. It is located in the root directory of your hard disk. This folder is marked by the system as read only and hidden. It can be viewed only after making a few configuration changes from an Administrator account.

Why disable System Restore?

System Restore backs up the bad with the good, hence as a part of malware cleaning it is advised to turn off and on System Restore to eliminate the presence of malware infected files in the System Restore points.
IMPORTANT: Remember to turn off and on System Restore only after disinfecting your computer, because an infected restore point is better than no restore point.

Press Windows Key and the Pause key on your keyboard together to open System Properties.
Right-click Computer (either on the start menu or the desktop).
Select Properties.

In the left pane, click System protection. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation
Under Protection Settings, click the disk, and then click Configure.

Click Turn off system protection, click Apply, and then click OK again.

To turn on System Restore:
Do one of the following:
To be able to restore system settings and previous versions of files, click Restore system settings and previous versions of files.
To be able to only restore previous versions of files, click Only restore previous versions of files.
Click Apply, and then click OK again.

Turn System Restore on or off Windows 7

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