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Prepare Tapes for Backup Exec in Tape Library

Symantec Backup Exec is an enterprise-level backup assistant application. It allows you to configure regular backups of data from single computers to entire server farms. Simply configure drives, media and data locations, and Backup Exec can run your jobs indefinitely, letting you know if any issues arise. Once your tape drive is set up in the application and you've created a job backing up your data, you must set up media, or tapes, in a media set. You direct your backup job to pull media from a certain set, so you have to make sure that a media set of that name exists.


  1. Add a New Media Set

    • 1 Open Symantec Backup Exec by clicking its link from your "Start" menu.
    • 2
      Select the "Media" tab.
    • 3
      Click "New Media Set" under Media Set Tasks.
    • 4
      Type the name of your new media set in the "Properties" window that opens. Make sure the name matches the name referenced in your backup job. Click "OK."

    Configure New Media

    • 1
      Insert a new tape into your tape drive.
    • 2
      Select the "Devices" tab in Backup Exec.
    • 3
      Right-click your drive and click "Inventory." This will force the application to mount the new media and read its label. It will then show the new tape in the media window to the right.
    • 4
      Click "Label media" under "Media Tasks" with your drive still selected.
    • 5
      Type the name you wish to give your tape in the window that opens up. This sets the media label to the name you provide. Click "OK."
    • 6
      Right-click the tape from the media window on the right side of the page and click "Associate with Media Set."
    • 7
      Select the appropriate media set from the "Associate With" dropdown list and click "Yes." Your new tape is now prepared and added to a media set in your library. It is ready for use.
    • 8
      Repeat the steps above for each new tape you need to configure.
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