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ipv6 address MIKROTIK Routers | Configuring IPv6 Addresses on MIKROTIK Routers

Most IPv6 implementation plans make use of both static IPv6 address configuration and dynamic configuration options. As is the case with IPv4, the plan assigns infrastructure devices with static addresses, with client hosts using one of the two dynamic methods for address assignment. IPv6 addressing includes many more options than IPv4, and as a result, many more config-uration options exist. A router interface can be configured with a static global unicast IPv6 address, either with or without using the EUI-64 option. Although less likely, a router could be configured to dynamically learn its IPv6 address with either stateful DHCP or stateless autoconfig. The router interface could be configured to either not use a global unicast address, instead relying solely on its link local address, or to borrow another interface’s address using the IPv6 unnumbered feature. Following Table  summarizes the IPv6 configuration commands and their meanings.
Configuring IPv6 Addresses on MIKROTIK Routers : 

>ipv6 address add address=2404:1b8:0:3::abcd/64
interface=ether2 advertise=no
> ipv6 address print    // To See Your IPV6 Address configuration
> ipv6 route add dst-address=::/0 gateway=2404:1b8:0:3::1   // To add Default Route

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