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.exe extensions not working?

You are trying to open programs as usually when all of a sudden all the .exe files that you click on will not open instead you get Windows Cannot Open This File Well that's what this tutorial is going to fix for you. I know how annoying this issue can be because i had the .exe issue a while back and it drove me insane.
However i found the fix and now I'm giving it to you in simple steps that should have you back up and running in no time at all

The error that you would see for this issue is displayed below.







Step One

Click on Start and Select Control Panel













Step Two

Make sure you are in Classic view
If you control panel says 'Switch to Category View' then you are all ready in classic view, if not then switch to classic view.













Step Three

Find the icon that says Folder Options and Double Click it.













 Step Four

Click on the File Types tab and then Click New













Step Five

Enter exe into the File Extension box then Click Advanced.






Step Six

From the Associated File Type drop down menu Select Application










Step Seven

Compare with the image below if all is correct Click OK







Step Eight

Close Folder Options













Step Nine



Close Control Panel

Issue Resolved!

Now after making them changes to the Exe File Type you should now be able to click on any .EXE file and it should open its allocated program. You may also want to check for virus/spy ware as this can sometimes be the cause of issues such as this one.
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