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Windows Server 2008 Server Core | Installing Windows Server 2008 Server Core in pictures | 2008 Server Core

As a Windows Administrator, you should know
what Server Core is . Once you understand the advantages of using Server Core
and what it is designed for, you
will be interested in having it in your environment. You do not need to memorize all the
commands to manage it, you can do everything you need remotely. Just use the Microsoft Management Console snap-ins you always have for administering DHCP, DNS, Active Directory
or even Hyper-v , etc...

As the full GUI Windows Server 2008 , Server Core
also comes in Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter editions for i386 and x64 platforms.

Also, with Server Core,

Only a clean installation is supported.

  • There is no way to upgrade from a previous
    version of the Windows Server operating system to a
    Server Core installation. 
  • There is no way to upgrade from a full
    installation of Windows Server 2008 to a Server Core
  • There is no way to upgrade from a Server Core
    installation to a full installation of Windows
    Server 2008.

Server Core is meant to run specific server roles, which reduces

The attack surface for those roles

  • The maintenance and management requirements
  • The required updates, hence fewer
  • To install Server Core, insert the Windows
    Server 2008 DVD into your DVD Drive and reboot your machine.
    Make sure that the DVD drive has a booting order prior
    to your Hard disk ( using BIOS )
  1. When the Windows Server 2008 Boots,  Choose your preferred language settings and then click Next

  2. Click on Install now

  3. Type the product key and then
    click on Next

  4. Read the license terms and
    enable the checkbox beside I accept the
    license terms
    and then click on

  5. On the installation type
    screen, click on Custom (Advanced)

  6. Select the Disk/Partition you
    want to install Server Coe on it and and then click

  7. Server Core installation will
    start. You will notice that installing Server Core
    is much faster than installing the full version (
    GUI ) of Windows Server 2008

  8. On the Logon screen, read my
    article :

    How To Log On To
    Windows Server 2008

    to know what it requires to log on to Windows Server

  9. Once you logon, your will
    immediately see
    the difference between the full GUI Windows Server
    and Server Core.

    The command prompt is your friend with server core.
    But as I said earlier,

    Server Core has a very limited GUI
    functionality. Such available GUIs are:

  • Windows Task Manager

  • Notepad

  • Date and Time

  • Regional and Language Options

  1. One last note before concluding.
    If you mistakenly closed the command prompt, click
    Ctrl+Alt+Del keys and click on
    Start Task Manager

    Click on the New Task
    button, type cmd and then click on
    OK, the command prompt screen will
    open again.

  2. Also as you may
    have noticed, when you hit the Ctrl+Alt+Del keys,
    you will be able to lock the machine, switch user,
    change your password, use the task manager, or even
    restart/shutdown the machine.


The Server Core installation option is a new option that you can use for installing Windows Server 2008.
It is a scaled-down version of Windows Server 2008,
a minimal environment to run specific
server roles.
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