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Expotech 2009 | Expotech Technology Week in Palestine

Expotech 2009
Dear Friends,
I am delighted to write to you today about a very exciting and upcoming event in Palestine!
The Palestinian Information Technology Association of Companies “PITA” and in coordination with its partners the Palestine ICT Incubator “PICTI” and Palestine Trade Center “Paltrade” would like to invite you to attend the Expotech Technology Week between November 2nd and November 6th 2009.
The Expotech Technology Week is the largest technological event in Palestine and is the best way to get a better understanding and get in touch with the Palestinian technology market. It is also a great way to network and create business opportunities in the Palestinian or entire Middle East market through the Palestinian ICT companies or through investing in the region’s most competitively advantaged market.
The Expotech Technology Week can also be used by your company for PR purposes as more than 23,000 attendees came to last year’s event and the number is expected to rise.
The Expotech Technology Week 2009 builds on the success of the past five years where the number of visitors continued to grow on an annual rate of more than 20% until it reached last year’s twenty three thousand visitors. This year PITA and its partners have decided to make it a one-week event to grow with a variety of activities and events that make it the most significant technological event in Palestine.
The Expotech Technology Week targeted events where the forums and company presentations would be in the first three days of the conference. The events are:
  1. Palestine IT Conference (November 2nd): This conference would serve as the opening ceremony. Key speakers from the Palestinian ICT and the world would be present.
  2. Technology Entrepreneur Forum (November 2nd – 5th): In this Forum, Innovators and early startups would present their business ideas and plans in order to get funding to instigate them.
  3. Expotech Exhibition (November 3rd – 5th): Companies would show their latest products and services through booths and presentations.
  4. IT Days (November 2nd – 5th): ICT multinational companies such as CISCO , Intel or ICANN would get a chance to engage in a series of seminars, lectures and panels to discuss local ICT related current day issues.
The organizers are looking forward to seeing you at the Expotech Technology Week!
Thank you!
Ala’ Alaeddin

Chairman, PITA

Source from : http://www.expotech.ps

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