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Download Arabic Language For Samsung Mobile

Arabic Language for Samsung Mobile:

Arabic Language for Samsung Mobilesamsung-omnia i900

Many Peoples searched about how to add arabic language to the mobile specifically samsung.
In IT weblog i will help you to know how to add Arabic language to your samsung mobile.

Steps how to add Arabic language to Samsung mobile:-

Step 1:- Download the Arabic language support for your mobile from here:-


Step 2:-  Extract the RAR file and you will get a .cab file inside it

Step 3:- don't extract the .cab file .. just copy it to your device using ActiveSync

Step 4:- open the .cab file from your device and install the package.

Step 5:- the phone will ask you to restart .. restart it

Please note that in the process of extraction, if you are prompted to enter any password then enter the password as “http://engrimawi.blogspot.com” without the inverted comas

Arabic Language for Samsung Mobile
Enjoy full Arabic language support for your Samsung Mobile.

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