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Major hexadecimal color codes

Color Color Code Color Color Code
Red #FF0000White#FFFFFF
Turquoise#00FFFFLight Grey#C0C0C0
Light Blue#0000FFDark Grey#808080
Dark Blue #0000A0Black#000000
Light Purple #FF0080 Orange#FF8040
Dark Purple #800080Brown#804000
Pastel Green#00FF00Forest Green#808000
Pink#FF00FFGrass Green#408080

Color Code Chart

Gray0#150517 Gray0
Gray21#2B1B17 Gray21
Gray24#302226 Gray24
Gray26#34282C Gray26
Gray28#3b3131 Gray28
Gray30#413839 Gray30
Gray32#463E3F Gray32
Gray35#4C4646 Gray35
Gray37#504A4B Gray37
Gray39#565051 Gray39
Gray41#5C5858 Gray41
Gray43#625D5D Gray43
Gray45#666362 Gray45
Gray47#6D6968 Gray47
Gray49#726E6D Gray49
Gray#736F6E Gray
Slate Gray4#616D7ESlate Gray4
Slate Gray#657383 Slate Gray
Light Steel Blue4#646D7ELight Steel Blue4
Light Slate Gray#6D7B8D Light Slate Gray
Cadet Blue4#4C787ECadet Blue4
Dark Slate Gray4#4C7D7E Dark Slate Gray4
Medium Slate Blue#5E5A80 Medium Slate Blue
Medium Purple4#4E387EMedium Purple4
Midnight Blue#151B54 Midnight Blue
Dark Slate Blue#2B3856Dark Slate Blue
Dark Slate Gray#25383C Dark Slate Gray
Dim Gray#463E41Dim Gray
Cornflower Blue#151B8D Cornflower Blue
Royal Blue4#15317ERoyal Blue4
Slate Blue4#342D7E Slate Blue4
Royal Blue#2B60DERoyal Blue
Royal Blue1#306EFF Royal Blue1
Royal Blue2#2B65ECRoyal Blue2
Royal Blue3#2554C7 Royal Blue3
Deep Sky Blue#3BB9FFDeep Sky Blue
Deep Sky Blue2#38ACEC Deep Sky Blue2
Slate Blue#357EC7Slate Blue
Deep Sky Blue3#3090C7 Deep Sky Blue3
Deep Sky Blue4#25587EDeep Sky Blue4
Dodger Blue#1589FF Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue2#157DECDodger Blue2
Dodger Blue3#1569C7 Dodger Blue3
Dodger Blue4#153E7EDodger Blue4
Steel Blue4#2B547E Steel Blue4
Steel Blue#4863A0Steel Blue
Slate Blue2#6960EC Slate Blue2
Medium Purple3#7A5DC7 Medium Purple3
Medium Purple#8467D7Medium Purple
Medium Purple2#9172EC Medium Purple2
Medium Purple1#9E7BFFMedium Purple1
Light Steel Blue#728FCE Light Steel Blue
Steel Blue3#488AC7Steel Blue3
Steel Blue2#56A5EC Steel Blue2
Steel Blue1#5CB3FFSteel Blue1
Sky Blue3#659EC7 Sky Blue3
Sky Blue4#41627ESky Blue4
Slate Blue#737CA1 Slate Blue
Slate Blue#737CA1Slate Blue
Slate Gray3#98AFC7 Slate Gray3
Violet Red#F6358AViolet Red
Violet Red1#F6358A Violet Red1
Violet Red2#E4317FViolet Red2
Deep Pink#F52887 Deep Pink
Deep Pink2#E4287CDeep Pink2
Deep Pink3#C12267 Deep Pink3
Deep Pink4#7D053FDeep Pink4
Medium Violet Red#CA226B Medium Violet Red
Violet Red3#C12869Violet Red3
Firebrick#800517 Firebrick
Violet Red4#7D0541Violet Red4
Maroon4#7D0552 Maroon4
Maroon3#C12283 Maroon3
Maroon1#F535AA Maroon1
Magenta1#F433FF Magenta1
Magenta3#C031C7 Magenta3
Medium Orchid#B048B5Medium Orchid
Medium Orchid1#D462FF Medium Orchid1
Medium Orchid2#C45AECMedium Orchid2
Medium Orchid3#A74AC7 Medium Orchid3
Medium Orchid4#6A287EMedium Orchid4
Purple#8E35EF Purple
Purple2#7F38EC Purple2
Purple4#461B7E Purple4
Dark Orchid4#571B7eDark Orchid4
Dark Orchid#7D1B7E Dark Orchid
Dark Violet#842DCEDark Violet
Dark Orchid3#8B31C7 Dark Orchid3
Dark Orchid2#A23BECDark Orchid2
Dark Orchid1#B041FF Dark Orchid1
Pale Violet Red#D16587 Pale Violet Red
Pale Violet Red1#F778A1Pale Violet Red1
Pale Violet Red2#E56E94 Pale Violet Red2
Pale Violet Red3#C25A7CPale Violet Red3
Pale Violet Red4#7E354D Pale Violet Red4
Plum1#F9B7FF Plum1
Plum3#C38EC7 Plum3
Thistle3#C6AEC7 Thistle3
Lavender Blush2#EBDDE2Lavender Blush2
Lavender Blush3#C8BBBE Lavender Blush3
Thistle1#FCDFFF Thistle1
Lavender Blush#FDEEF4 Lavender Blush
Light Steel Blue1#C6DEFFLight Steel Blue1
Light Blue#ADDFFF Light Blue
Light Blue1#BDEDFFLight Blue1
Light Cyan#E0FFFF Light Cyan
Slate Gray1#C2DFFFSlate Gray1
Slate Gray2#B4CFEC Slate Gray2
Light Steel Blue2#B7CEECLight Steel Blue2
Turquoise1#52F3FF Turquoise1
Cyan1#57FEFF Cyan1
Turquoise2#4EE2EC Turquoise2
Medium Turquoise#48CCCDMedium Turquoise
Turquoise#43C6DB Turquoise
Dark Slate Gray1#9AFEFFDark Slate Gray1
Dark Slate Gray2#8EEBEC Dark slate Gray2
Dark Slate Gray3#78c7c7Dark Slate Gray3
Cyan3#46C7C7 Cyan3
Cadet Blue3#77BFC7 Cadet Blue3
Pale Turquoise3#92C7C7Pale Turquoise3
Light Blue2#AFDCEC Light Blue2
Dark Turquoise#3B9C9CDark Turquoise
Cyan4#307D7E Cyan4
Light Sea Green#3EA99FLight Sea Green
Light Sky Blue#82CAFA Light Sky Blue
Light Sky Blue2#A0CFECLight Sky Blue2
Light Sky Blue3#87AFC7 Light Sky Blue3
Sky Blue#82CAFFSky Blue
Sky Blue2#79BAEC Sky Blue2
Light Sky Blue4#566D7ELight Sky Blue4
Sky Blue#6698FF Sky Blue
Light Slate Blue#736AFFLight Slate Blue
Light Cyan2#CFECEC Light Cyan2
Light Cyan3#AFC7C7Light Cyan3
Light Cyan4#717D7D Light Cyan4
Light Blue3#95B9C7Light Blue3
Light Blue4#5E767E Light Blue4
Pale Turquoise4#5E7D7EPale Turquoise4
Dark Sea Green4#617C58 Dark Sea Green4
Medium Aquamarine#348781Medium Aquamarine
Medium Sea Green#306754 Medium Sea Green
Sea Green#4E8975Sea Green
Dark Green#254117 Dark Green
Sea Green4#387C44Sea Green4
Forest Green#4E9258 Forest Green
Medium Forest Green#347235Medium Forest Green
Spring Green4#347C2C Spring Green4
Dark Olive Green4#667C26Dark Olive Green4
Chartreuse4#437C17 Chartreuse4
Medium Spring Green#348017 Medium Spring Green
Spring Green#4AA02CSpring Green
Lime Green#41A317 Lime Green
Spring Green#4AA02CSpring Green
Dark Sea Green#8BB381 Dark Sea Green
Dark Sea Green3#99C68EDark Sea Green3
Green3#4CC417 Green3
Yellow Green#52D017 Yellow Green
Spring Green3#4CC552Spring Green3
Sea Green3#54C571 Sea Green3
Spring Green2#57E964Spring Green2
Spring Green1#5EFB6E Spring Green1
Sea Green2#64E986Sea Green2
Sea Green1#6AFB92 Sea Green1
Dark Sea Green2#B5EAAADark Sea Green2
Dark Sea Green1#C3FDB8 Dark Sea Green1
Lawn Green#87F717 Lawn Green
Green2#59E817 Green2
Chartreuse#8AFB17 Chartreuse
Green Yellow#B1FB17Green Yellow
Dark Olive Green1#CCFB5D Dark Olive Green1
Dark Olive Green2#BCE954Dark Olive Green2
Dark Olive Green3#A0C544 Dark Olive Green3
Yellow1#FFFC17 Yellow1
Khaki2#EDE275 Khaki2
Gold2#EAC117 Gold2
Goldenrod1#FBB917 Goldenrod1
Gold#D4A017 Gold
Gold3#C7A317 Gold3
Dark Goldenrod#AF7817 Dark Goldenrod
Khaki3#C9BE62 Khaki3
Dark Goldenrod1#FBB117 Dark Goldenrod1
Dark Goldenrod2#E8A317Dark Goldenrod2
Dark Goldenrod3#C58917 Dark Goldenrod3
Sienna2#E66C2C Sienna2
Dark Orange#F88017Dark Orange
Dark Orange1#F87217 Dark Orange1
Dark Orange2#E56717Dark Orange2
Dark Orange3#C35617 Dark Orange3
Sienna#8A4117 Sienna
Indian Red4#7E2217 Indian Red4
Dark Orange3#7E3117Dark Orange3
Salmon4#7E3817 Salmon4
Dark Goldenrod4#7F5217Dark Goldenrod4
Gold4#806517 Gold4
Light Salmon4#7F462C Light Salmon4
Coral3#C34A2C Coral3
Coral#F76541 Coral
Dark Salmon#E18B6BDark Salmon
Salmon1#F88158 Pale Turquoise4
Salmon3#C36241 Salmon3
Light Salmon3#C47451Light Salmon3
Light Salmon2#E78A61 Light Salmon2
Light Salmon#F9966BLight Salmon
Sandy Brown#EE9A4D Sandy Brown
Hot Pink#F660ABHot Pink
Hot Pink1#F665AB Hot Pink1
Hot Pink2#E45E9DHot Pink2
Hot Pink3#C25283 Hot Pink3
Hot Pink4#7D2252Hot Pink4
Light Coral#E77471 Light Coral
Indian Red1#F75D59Indian Red1
Indian Red2#E55451 Indian Red2
Indian Red3#C24641Indian Red3
Red#FF0000 Red
Red1#F62217 Red1
Red2#E41B17 Red2
Firebrick2#E42217 Firebrick2
Pink#FAAFBE Pink
Rosy Brown1#FBBBB9Rosy Brown1
Rosy Brown2#E8ADAA Rosy Brown2
Light Pink#FAAFBA Light Pink
Light Pink1#F9A7B0Light Pink1
Light Pink2#E799A3 Light Pink2
Rosy Brown3#C5908E Rosy Brown3
Rosy Brown#B38481Rosy Brown
Light Pink3#C48189 Light Pink3
Rosy Brown4#7F5A58Rosy Brown4
Light Pink4#7F4E52 Light Pink4
Lavender Blush4#817679 Lavendar Blush4
Light Goldenrod4#817339Light Goldenrod4
Lemon Chiffon4#827B60 Lemon Chiffon4
Lemon Chiffon3#C9C299Lemon Chiffon3
Light Goldenrod3#C8B560 Light Goldenrod3
Light Golden2#ECD672Light Golden2
Light Goldenrod#ECD872 Light Goldenrod
Light Goldenrod1#FFE87CLight Goldenrod1
Lemon Chiffon2#ECE5B6 Lemon Chiffon2
Lemon Chiffon#FFF8C6Lemon Chiffon
Light Goldenrod Yellow#FAF8CC Light Goldenrod Yellow

install dns windows server 2008 in pictures

  install dns , install dns dc, install dns windows server 2008 in pictures , how to install dns in windows 2008, configure dns domain windows 2008,configure dns forwarder windows 2008,troubleshooting dns servers.

How do I Install and configure a

DNS server in Windows Server 2008?

As many of you are probably aware, the Domain Name System (DNS) is now the name resolution system of choice in Windows. Without it, computers would have a very tough time communicating with each other. However, most Windows administrators still rely on the Windows Internet Name Service (WINS) for name resolution on local area networks and some have little or no experience with DNS. If you fall into this category, read on. We’ll explain how to install, configure, and troubleshoot a Windows Server 2008 DNS server.

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Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver | Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver windows 7 windows vista | solved Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver | Bluetooth Peripheral Device | Bluetooth Device

 Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver | Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver windows 7 windows vista | solved Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver | Bluetooth Peripheral Device | Bluetooth Device | bluetooth peripheral | device driver download | bluetooth peripheral device driver hp | bluetooth peripheral device driver nokia | bluetooth peripheral device driver asus | bluetooth peripheral device driver dell | bluetooth peripheral device download | bluetooth peripheral device driver notebook | windows vista bluetooth headset driver

Many problem happen in windows 7 and windows 8 and one of them is Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver

Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver windows 7 windows vista
solved Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver
Bluetooth Peripheral Device
Bluetooth Device
we  solve this issue as below steps so please do it carefully:
- Download the 'Windows Mobile Device Center' ( current version is 6.1 ) which you can download it from

this works for both Vista and Windows 7. I've tried it on both.

- Install the downloaded software but it may not look like it worked on Windows 7 PCs. Vista automatically configures the settings on the bluetooth devices but for those who have Windows 7, here are the things you should do:

- Go to 'Device Manager' from 'Control Panel' -Or- just right-click on Computer Icon and choose 'Properties' and then click on 'Device Manager'.

- You'll see an 'Unknown Device' named 'Bluetooth Peripheral Device'

- Right-Click it and click on "Update Driver Software" -Or- anyway you find it easy to bring up the Update driver window.

- Click "Browse My Computer for Driver Software" button.

- Click "Let Me Pick from a List of Device Drivers on my computer".

- Select 'Bluetooth Radio' from the list if it asked you to select and then in the next window, it will show a list of drivers with Company Names in one list and Drivers in another. In the Company List choose 'Microsoft Corporation', not only Microsoft.

- From the drivers list there may be one or more drivers with the name "Windows Mobile-Based Device Support" with different driver versions. Select one or the latest.

- Ignore any warnings and keep pressing next and then Finish at last. If all goes well, the last screen will show the message that device driver is successfully installed.

Now, after manually updating the driver for your bluetooth device, in 'Device Manager' when you click on 'Bluetooth Radios', it should display one more item which will say 'Windows Mobile-based device support'.

There are few more things that you want to pay attention to. If you have already added the device in your 'bluetooth device list' that didn't work, then remove the device and add it again. After you add it, you might need to restart the computer if it gave you a connection problem error message.

Every PCs that had Windows 7 and Vista worked after installing this software and I hope it will work for you too.

 Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver | Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver windows 7 windows vista | solved Bluetooth Peripheral Device Driver | Bluetooth Peripheral Device | Bluetooth Device | bluetooth peripheral | device driver download | bluetooth peripheral device driver hp | bluetooth peripheral device driver nokia | bluetooth peripheral device driver asus | bluetooth peripheral device driver dell | bluetooth peripheral device download | bluetooth peripheral device driver notebook | windows vista bluetooth headset driver

Reset admin/root password in FreeBSD | Recover lost root password | FreeBSD reset | recover root password | How to Reset a Forgotten Root Password

With FreeBSD 5.4 and above the booting procedure is slightly changed. Under ilder version of FreeBSD use boot -s option at Ok prompt.
However, with version FreeBSD 5.4+ you don't have to type any command. Here is the procedure to boot FreeBSD into a single user mode to reset root password.
In this tip I will explain how to boot FreeBSD into a single user mode to reset root password.

 Reset FreeBSD root user password

Step # 1: Start FreeBSD server/workstation.
Step # 2: Press Enter key at boot loader.
Step # 3: At Welcome to FreeBSD! boot menu press spacebar key to pause default booting
Type number 4 key (type 4 number) to boot into single user mode.

 Step # 4: Select the default shell (/bin/sh):
Next you will see following prompt from system:
When prompted Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for /bin/sh:
Press Enter key to boot into single user mode. Next, you will be immediately dropped into a single user mode without a root password.

Step # 5: You need to remount / (root) file system in read and write mode with mount command, type following two commands:

# mount -u /
# mount -a

Step # 6: Setup a new password with passwd command:
# passwd

Step # 7: Enter the new password and confirm it

New password:
Retype New password:

 Step # 8: Type reboot to reboot the machine (or press the shutdown button to reboot)
# reboot

Step # 9: When the system start enjoy with the new password.

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalITPros Community

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalITPros Community

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalPros Community

Recently, PalDev in cooperation with Michael Noel launched the PalITPros community which is an online technical community initiative for the IT Professionals that is interested in Microsoft Technologies. PalDev is the first .net user group created in Palestine by a group of enthusiastic .Net developers. They were also the main force behind the recently concluded Microsoft TechDays in Hebron, Ramallah and Nablus.

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalPros Community

Palestine IT Professional’s user group focuses on Microsoft Servers & Clients Technologies. The group aim toward introducing Microsoft products, technologies and best practices to Palestinian IT specialists through sessions, technical discussions and workshops. Microsoft products exists in every office and home which makes it essential for every IT specialist to be aware of new products and technologies that help him in managing his IT work environment. PalITPros groups aimed to allow IT professionals in Palestine the chance to:

  • Interact with the rest of the IT Professionals in Palestine and exchange experiences, ideas and thoughts with them.
  • Holding free events each month for the IT Professionals to enable them to learn new technologies.
  • Provide world-class speakers at as many seminars a year as possible.
  • Be the first one to take an in-depth look at the latest Microsoft technologies.
  • Be the first to know and learn about the latest Microsoft products and technologies.

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalPros Community

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalPros Community

Palestine IT Professional’s launches PalPros Community

About Michael Noel
Michael Noel is an internationally recognized technology expert, bestselling author, and well known public speaker on a broad range of IT topics. He has authored several major industry books that have been translated into over a dozen languages worldwide. Significant titles include SharePoint 2010 Unleashed, Exchange Server 2010 Unleashed, Windows Server 2008 R2 Unleashed, ISA Server 2006 Unleashed, and many more.
Currently a partner at Convergent Computing ( ) in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael’s writings and extensive public speaking experience across six continents leverage his real-world expertise helping organizations realize business value from Information Technology infrastructure.

Reference :

Broadband Internet access | Broadband | Internet access| broadband definition| reliance broadband | broadband forum |dsl | bandwidth|wireless broadband | broadband speed

Broadband Internet access | Broadband | Internet access|wireless broadband | broadband speed | airtel broadband | broadband definition | reliance broadband | broadband forum |dsl | bandwidth

The term broadband refers to a telecommunications signal of greater bandwidth, in some sense, than another standard or usual signal (and the broader the band, the greater the capacity for traffic). Different criteria for "broad" have been applied in different contexts and at different times. Its origin is in radio systems engineering, but became popularized after MediaOne adopted it as part of a marketing campaign in 1996 to sell their high speed data access. The slogan was "This is Broadband. This is the Way". The term has never been formally defined, even though it is used widely and has been the subject of many policy debates, and the FCC "National Broadband Plan".
Broadband Internet Access , Broadband

Broadband Internet access, often shortened to just broadband, is a high data rate Internet access—typically contrasted with dial-up access using a 56k modem.

Dial-up modems are limited to a bitrate of less than 56 kbit/s (kilobits per second) and require the full use of a telephone line—whereas broadband technologies supply more than double this rate and generally without disrupting telephone use.

Although various minimum bandwidths have been used in definitions of broadband, ranging up from 64 kbit/s up to 2.0 Mbit/s, the 2006 OECD report is typical by defining broadband as having download data transfer rates equal to or faster than 256 kbit/s, while the United States (US) Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as of 2009, defines "Basic Broadband" as data transmission speeds exceeding 768 kilobits per second (Kbps), or 768,000 bits per second, in at least one direction: downstream (from the Internet to the user’s computer) or upstream (from the user’s computer to the Internet). The trend is to raise the threshold of the broadband definition as the marketplace rolls out faster services.

BroadBand Line , Broadband Internet Access

Data rates are defined in terms of maximum download because several common consumer broadband technologies such as ADSL are "asymmetric"—supporting much slower maximum upload data rate than download.

Do you need to Check you BroadBand Speed?
you can use SpeedTest to check the Speed of your  BroadBand Line

Speed Test|broadband speedtest|Free Speed Test

Speed Test|broadband speedtest|Free Speed Test

server room design |server room design best practices |networking server room design best practices|creating a server room| data centre design | Design and Build Data Center Construction| server room design | computer rooms design

 How to Create Data Center ?

Design and Build Data Center Construction

Data Center/Server Room

A data center or datacenter also called a server farm, is a facility used to house computer systems and associated components, such as telecommunications and storage systems. It generally includes redundant or backup power supplies, redundant data communications connections, environmental controls (e.g., air conditioning, fire suppression) and security devices.

Data center classification:
The TIA-942:Data Center Standards Overview describes the requirements for the data center infrastructure. The simplest is a Tier 1 data center, which is basically a server room, following basic guidelines for the installation of computer systems. The most stringent level is a Tier 4 data center, which is designed to host mission critical computer systems, with fully redundant subsystems and compartmentalized security zones controlled by biometric access controls methods. Another consideration is the placement of the data center in a subterranean context, for data security as well as environmental considerations such as cooling requirements.

Physical layout:
A data center can occupy one room of a building, one or more floors, or an entire building. Most of the equipment is often in the form of servers mounted in rack cabinets, which are usually placed in single rows forming corridors between them. This allows people access to the front and rear of each cabinet. Servers differ greatly in size from 1U servers to large freestanding storage silos which occupy many tiles on the floor. Some equipment such as mainframe computers and storage devices are often as big as the racks themselves, and are placed alongside them. Very large data centers may use shipping containers packed with 1,000 or more servers each; when repairs or upgrades are needed, whole containers are replaced (rather than repairing individual servers). Local building codes may govern the minimum ceiling heights. A bank of batteries in a large data center, used to provide power until diesel generators can start.

The physical environment of a data center is rigorously controlled:
Air conditioning is used to control the temperature and humidity in the data center. ASHRAE's  (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers)"Thermal Guidelines for Data Processing Environments" recommends a temperature range of 20–25 °C (68–75 °F) and humidity range of 40–55% with a maximum dew point of 17°C as optimal for data center conditions. The electrical power used heats the air in the data center. Unless the heat is removed, the ambient temperature will rise, resulting in electronic equipment malfunction. By controlling the air temperature, the server components at the board level are kept within the manufacturer's specified temperature/humidity range. Air conditioning systems help control humidity by cooling the return space air below the dew point. Too much humidity, and water may begin to condense on internal components.

In case of a dry atmosphere, ancillary humidification systems may add water vapor if the humidity is too low, which can result in static electricity discharge problems which may damage components. Subterranean data centers may keep computer equipment cool while expending less energy than conventional designs.
Modern data centers try to use economizer cooling, where they use outside air to keep the data center cool. Washington state now has a few data centers that cool all of the servers using outside air 11 months out of the year. They do not use chillers/air conditioners, which creates potential energy savings in the millions.
Backup power consists of one or more uninterruptible power supplies and/or diesel generators.
To prevent single points of failure, all elements of the electrical systems, including backup system, are typically fully duplicated, and critical servers are connected to both the "A-side" and "B-side" power feeds. This arrangement is often made to achieve N+1 Redundancy in the systems. Static switches are sometimes used to ensure instantaneous switchover from one supply to the other in the event of a power failure.

Raised Floor:

Data centers typically have raised flooring made up of 60 cm (2 ft) removable square tiles. The trend is towards 80–100 cm (31–39 in) void to cater for better and uniform air distribution. These provide a plenum for air to circulate below the floor, as part of the air conditioning system, as well as providing space for power cabling. Data cabling is typically routed through overhead cable trays in modern data centers. But some are still recommending under raised floor cabling for security reasons and to consider the addition of cooling systems above the racks in case this enhancement is necessary. Smaller/less expensive data centers without raised flooring may use anti-static tiles for a flooring surface. Computer cabinets are often organized into a hot aisle arrangement to maximize airflow efficiency.

Data centers feature fire protection systems:

Data centers feature fire protection systems, including passive and active design elements, as well as implementation of fire prevention programs in operations. Smoke detectors are usually installed to provide early warning of a developing fire by detecting particles generated by smoldering components prior to the development of flame. This allows investigation, interruption of power, and manual fire suppression using hand held fire extinguishers before the fire grows to a large size. A fire sprinkler system is often provided to control a full scale fire if it develops. Fire sprinklers require 18 in (46 cm) of clearance (free of cable trays, etc.) below the sprinklers. Clean agent fire suppression gaseous systems are sometimes installed to suppress a fire earlier than the fire sprinkler system. Passive fire protection elements include the installation of fire walls around the data center, so a fire can be restricted to a portion of the facility for a limited time in the event of the failure of the active fire protection systems, or if they are not installed.

Data Center Physical Security:
Physical security also plays a large role with data centers. Physical access to the site is usually restricted to selected personnel, with controls including bollards and mantraps. Video camera surveillance and permanent security guards are almost always present if the data center is large or contains sensitive information on any of the systems within. The use of finger print recognition man traps is starting to be commonplace.
Network infrastructure

Communications in data centers today are most often based on networks running the IP protocol suite. Data centers contain a set of routers and switches that transport traffic between the servers and to the outside world. Redundancy of the Internet connection is often provided by using two or more upstream service providers.
Some of the servers at the data center are used for running the basic Internet and intranet services needed by internal users in the organization, e.g., e-mail servers, proxy servers, and DNS servers.
Network security elements are also usually deployed: firewalls, VPN gateways, intrusion detection systems, etc. Also common are monitoring systems for the network and some of the applications. Additional off site monitoring systems are also typical, in case of a failure of communications inside the data center.

Data Center at a glance:
The main purpose of a data center is running the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organization. Such systems may be proprietary and developed internally by the organization, or bought from enterprise software vendors. Such common applications are ERP and CRM systems.
A data center may be concerned with just operations architecture or it may provide other services as well.
Often these applications will be composed of multiple hosts, each running a single component. Common components of such applications are databases, file servers, application servers, middleware, and various others.
Data centers are also used for off site backups. Companies may subscribe to backup services provided by a data center. This is often used in conjunction with backup tapes. Backups can be taken of servers locally on to tapes., however tapes stored on site pose a security threat and are also susceptible to fire and flooding. Larger companies may also send their backups off site for added security. This can be done by backing up to a data center. Encrypted backups can be sent over the Internet to another data center where they can be stored securely.
For disaster recovery, several large hardware vendors have developed mobile solutions that can be installed and made operational in very short time. Vendors such as Cisco Systems, Sun Microsystems,IBM and HP have developed systems that could be used for this purpose.

Server Farm:

A server farm or server cluster, also called a data center, is a collection of computer servers usually maintained by an enterprise to accomplish server needs far beyond the capability of one machine. Server farms often have backup servers, which can take over the function of primary servers in the event of a primary server failure.
Server farms are typically co-located with the network switches and/or routers which enable communication between the different parts of the cluster and the users of the cluster.

Raised Flooring

A raised floor (also raised flooring) is a type of floor used in office buildings (such as IT data centers) with a high requirement for servicing to carry cables, wiring, electrical supply, and sometimes air conditioning or chilled water pipes. Additional structural support and lighting are often provided when a floor is raised enough for a person to crawl or even walk beneath.
This type of floor consists of a gridded metal framework or understructure of adjustable-height legs (called "pedestals") that provide support for individual floor panels, which are usually 2×2 feet or 60×60cm in size. The height of the legs/pedestals is dictated by the volume of cables and other services provided beneath, but typically arranged for a clearance of at least six inches or 15cm.

Cable Trays

A cable tray system, according to the US National Electrical Code, is "a unit or assembly of units or sections and associated fittings forming a rigid structural system used to securely fasten or support cables and raceways." Cable trays are used to hold up and distribute cables.

Hot Aisle

In data center operations Hot Aisle refers to the arrangement of 19" rack computer cabinets within the data center so that hot and cold air are separated into Hot and Cold aisles thereby improving cooling efficiency.

Clean Agent

Gaseous fire suppression is a term to describe the use of inert gases and chemical agents to extinguish a fire. Also called Clean Agent Fire Suppression. These Agents are governed by the NFPA Standard for Clean Agent Fire Extinguishing Systems - NFPA 2001. The system typically consists of the agent, agent storage containers, agent release valves, fire detectors, fire detection system (wiring control panel, actuation signaling), agent delivery piping, and agent dispersion nozzles. Less typically, the agent may be delivered by means of solid propellant gas generators that produce either inert or chemically active gas.

Man Traps (Access Door)

A man-trap in modern physical security protocols refers to a small space having two sets of interlocking doors such that the first set of doors must close before the second set opens. Identification may be required for each door, and possibly different measures for each door. For example, a key may open the first door, but a personal identification number entered on a number pad opens the second. Other methods of opening doors include proximity cards or biometric devices such as fingerprint readers or iris recognition scans. "Man-traps" may be configured so that when an alarm is activated, all doors lock and trap the suspect between the doors in the "dead-space" or lock just one door to deny access to a secure space such as a data center or research lab.

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Domain name registry

A domain name registry, is a database of all domain names registered in a top-level domain. A registry operator, also called a Network Information Center (NIC), is the part of the Domain Name System (DNS) of the Internet that keeps the database of domain names, and generates the zone files which convert domain names to IP addresses. Each NIC is an organisation that manages the registration of Domain names within the top-level domains for which it is responsible, controls the policies of domain name allocation, and technically operates its top-level domain. It is potentially distinct from a domain name registrar.

Domain names are managed under a hierarchy headed by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), which manages the top of the DNS tree by administrating the data in the root nameservers.


IANA also operates the .int registry for intergovernmental organisations, the .arpa zone for protocol administration purposes, and other critical zones such as

IANA delegates all other domain name authority to other domain name registries such as VeriSign.

Country code top-level domains (ccTLD) are delegated by IANA to national registries such as DENIC in Germany and Nominet in the United Kingdom.

Win32/Heur Removal | Guide To Remove Win32/Heur Trojan Virus (XP/Vista) | Win32 Heur Virus Removal | Show Me How to Remove the Win32 Heur Virus

Win32/Heur Removal | Guide To Remove Win32/Heur Trojan Virus (XP/Vista) |  Win32 Heur Virus Removal | Show Me How to Remove the Win32 Heur Virus

Remove Win32 Heur
To manually remove the virus manually click "Start" and then "Search". Run a search for either "win32 heur" or just "heur". If the infected file appear then simply delete them. Don't just delete any file that reads win32 because it could be a necessary system file. Make sure you know the file is infected before removing.

If you cant please download Kaspersky Virus Removal Tools from kasper site
KIS Removal Tool
after you download it please install it and scan your machine.
then please write down the text in the box to cmd:
netsh winsock reset catalog
netsh int ip reset reset.log 
After that Restart your machine.
Boot to safe mode with networking. Try the a Browser to get on the Internet.

If it don't work open a command prompt and type the comand hit the enter key twice then close the command prompt.

If browser now works complete use SDFix  and it will reboot back to normal then run combofix.